Cool fact of suits - pattern


Suits pattern cannot be ignored, because the pattern determine the formality of the suits. The following will introduce the commonly used suit’s pattern.


Suits pattern is generally divided into solid color and lines, in general, solid color fabric is more solemn formal, and the pattern of the suit is a little casual, through the choice of different lines you can highlight your fashion taste.



  • Wearing striped suit can look more slim and gorgeous


Pinstripe: Such as pencil pen tip painted thin stripes; most used for business occasions; look slim


Chalk Stripe: Fine white stripes slightly wide, like a chalk painted white stripes



  • Suitable for leisure occasions
  • Modern style


Tartan Plain




Hounds tooth


Glen Plain


Bird’s eye pattern

  • Although these patterns seem small, but they can grab the eyes at once, so that the wearer instantly become a fashion leader


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