Cool fact of suits – lapel

The most common lapel is mainly divided into three, but you know do not know what the three lapel are?


Peak Lapel is the most traditional and most formal, and the manual and skill is the highest of the three lapels.

Suitable occasions: For daily business suit and interview

Suitable body type: all body type of men. While the slightly thin men can choose a narrow lapel to balance the proportion of body.


Notch Lapel can be said to be the most popular style nowadays. And according to your body type, you can select narrow / wide notch to highlight the lines of the body.

Suitable occasions: For wedding, formal occasions and office

Suitable body type: If you want to look burlier, Notch Lapel will be a good choice.


Shawl Lapel generally appear in the formal suits, especially the tuxedos. Usually for attending grand parties etc., but rarely for work.

Suitable occasions: formal occasions, such as wedding parties

Suitable body type: basically, all the body types are suitable and for the round face people

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