Cool fact of suits – Fabric

Deciding what fabrics is important and complicated when it comes to buying a suit.

The fabric of the suits is the biggest factors to determine whether you bought an investment piece or a one season piece.



Due to its versatility and refined aesthetic, Wool is the most popular fabric choice for men. Wool is a natural material, which means it breathes well, and can be worn both in the heat of the day or the cool of the night. It is soft and wrinkle free.

Thread count of wool fabric is another concern. You can choose 120’s to 150’s thread count on both cold and hot days. If you live in more extreme climates you will need both winter (200’s thread count) and summer (100’s thread count) suits in wool.                                                 



Cotton is the second most popular fabric for suits and is derived from natural material. Cotton suits move and breathe well but tend to crease easily, which can make the suit look sloppy.

Tip: Cotton made suits are suitable to wear in the spring, summer and autumn. They suit all body types and those wanting a semi-formal look to outdoor events. For work, choose reasonably heavy cotton or wool/cotton blend, this helps the fabric retain its silhouette.                          



Linen suits are super lightweight and maintain their coolness in hot and humid summer days. However, linen wrinkles easily and stains easier. Therefore, regular dry cleaning to maintain a fresh, crisp look is important.

Tips: Choose linen in the summer. Best worn as a more casual alternative. It suits larger body types to be worn at semi-formal events but not to the office.



The texture of velvet is luxurious to touch and it is breathable. But due to its blending with nylon, is less aerated than silk.

Tips: Velvet jacket is great for a dinner party but not to the office

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